Luckies are excited to announce 'Iron and Glory for Luckies'.


Iron and Glory is the work of founder/designer Richard Brandt, and began life as metal fabrication specialist in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY in 2014.


From the start, customers were drawn to the authenticity in Richards handmade 'Tools for Uncommon Living' and by 2017 he was supplying over 500 independent stores on the US East Coast, but his small team were beginning to struggle with producing and shipping enough product to satisfy demand.


So when Richard met Luckies founder, Jim Cox, they shared a lightbulb moment and 'Iron and Glory for Luckies' was born, a new venture within Luckies that would allow Richard to focus solely on creating cool product, while Luckies would do what it does best - get great ideas out of the studio and onto your shelves at prices that sell.


The first range is close to completion and will be available in August 2018.


Screenshot 2018-04-24 01.17.52.png