Originally established in 2014 as a Brooklyn-based metal fabrication company, IRON & GLORY has since has evolved into a distinct collection of men's gifts. Inspired by the theme of work and play: things that are useful or strictly just for fun, IRON & GLORY offers a diverse range, from premium tools, which echoes the ethos of the companies roots, to games and gifts for those who like to drink and celebrate the glory in life's daily victories.

Armed with only determination and a small team, Founder Richard Brandt established a workshop operation located within Bushwick, Brooklyn,  to meet the growing demand of orders - that would eventually exceed the physical capacity of the shop and staff. 

Richard met Luckies of London Founder Jim Cox in New York City in the Spring of 2016 over Thai Food, which planted the seeds for future collaboration and lead to a partnership of far greater magnitude. With the guidance of Jim Cox and the support of the experienced Luckies team, Richard could finally devote full attention to the creative direction and design of IRON & GLORY's yet most refined range of men's gifts to-date: IRON & GLORY by LUCKIES.

Furthermore with top-notch-level quality production and expertise in fulfillment of LUCKIES of LONDON, IRON & GLORY is now preparing for relaunch worldwide within the USA, UK and German territories. 


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