Maker brand IRON & GLORY offers a collection of gifts which are specifically designed to be either useful or just for fun, such as tools, games and barware. 

IRON & GLORY specializes in small batch production applying lasers, 3D printing platforms and casting techniques to  create beautiful and useful collection of products that add to your daily life and make a great gift. 

Just to sweeten the deal you can personalize many of the products  at no extra charge. 

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Over 50% of IRON & GLORY products are proudly made in the USA. For the remainder of products, much of the actual production process is performed in USA unlike many off the popular brands offering men’s gifts which are produced overseas. The grid below indicates where parts are made and how much of the process is in the USA. With expertise in lasers, casting, 3D printing IRON & GLORY is a true make and  micro-manufacturer, producing locally in small batches. OEM products are sourced abroad when the cost of goods, such as the combs which are made in Germany, are far more competitively priced abroad than domestic options which allows IRON & GLORY to maintain attractive prices. Palo santo is the one exception to the rule with the wood being harvested only within Peru and areas of the Amazon.




IRON & GLORY consists of a small team lead by Richard Brandt, who previously co-founded gift brand Izola in 2005 and served as the Vice-President until 2014 to establish IRON & GLORY.  Previously, Richard served as a publicist within the fashion industry from 1995-2005 at various Fortune 500 companies and at  public relations agencies.


Workshop Manager Anthony Charnow works daily with our powder coating aficionado Gael.  Dmitri Kroshka and David Singer serve on the IRON & GLORY  board of directors as advisory roles, for whenever we need to roll out the big guns.

The company evolved from an idea conceived in the back yard of one of Williamsburg's finest drinking institutions, Lady Jay's, where the a concept for a welding and fabrication company called IRON & GLORY would be conceived which has evolved since into a men's gifting destination.